Psychometric Test

A psychometric test is an internationally accepted method to gauge a person’s capabilities. A student has to take tests that assess his critical thinking ability and problem solving capabilities. This scientific test can help the student to realize which academic field he or she is good at. Sometimes, a student might think he or she is good in physics and wants to take up science for higher studies. The test will prove whether he or she is capable to study the subject or has a natural inclination towards it. The analysis of the test results should be done by a career counseling expert who is trained to use the knowledge of the test. A career counselor will first interview the child and then ask him or her to appear for a psychometric test. They will then combine the results of a psychometric test and the inference drawn after the interview to give a sound career advice. Psychometric tests are beneficial because it helps the person to understand his or her real capabilities or skills which they choose either to overestimate or ignore. This test is an eye opener and career counseling without a thorough psychometric test is incomplete.

Aptitude, personality and interest tests

Aptitude, personality and interest tests measure the candidate’s general performance. These open ended questions have no right or wrong answers. It is used to measure the test takers personality, value, beliefs and behavior towards others.

Aptitude or ability tests

Aptitude or ability tests are formulated to measure an individual’s ‘maximum’ performance capacity. This type of psychometric test can be termed close ended test and the test taker has to mark out the right career options in a multiple choice questionnaire.